The Cross Difference

We believe retail customers should be able to get the trailer they want, built correctly, on time, and built to last. We also believe quality doesn't come from promises, it comes from combining design, materials, and craftsmanship into a solid product. You will find many of our competitiors upcharge for options that Cross Trailers includes in our standard build. If you desire to purchase a trailer from a company that believes in honesty, time-honored workmanship and integrity, Cross Trailers is the only choice for you. 




The Aegis System

What does “AEGIS” mean?
(pronounced e-jiss)
Taken from Greek mythology, Aegis means “shield” or “protective cloak” which we think is an excellent depiction of what the walls and roof of a cargo trailer are supposed to do. Designed to protect your valuable cargo from the elements.

We think you will agree that the Aegis system catapults Cross Trailers into a league of its own.